Stay Healthy While Traveling

the great wall of china

Years ago I went to the Dominican Republic for the first time. I was not careful with the drinks. Every morning I would drink a delicious fresh smoothie made with fresh fruits, water and ice. Everything was fine until my last night at the resort. That night I was so sick it was not even funny. The next day I had to hop on a plane back home. It was a long flight, let me tell you. After that trip I made a promise to myself to be careful when I travel next time.

The first time I went to Asia was in November 2012 to visit my son who was studying at one of the universities in Hong Kong. During my pre-trip planning I decided to visit a Travel Health Clinic. I learned so much in just one hour. We all know not to drink tap water, not to brush our teeth with tap water, not to eat raw fruit, not to drink drinks with ice, etc., but she explained to me that one of the most important things was to prepare my gut for travel.

As I am going back to Asia at the end of the month, I already started to take a probiotic supplement. The nurse at the clinic said to bring it with me on my trip and take one each day. It's important to buy one that does not need to be refrigerated. Orange Naturals has one that is shelf stable.  Probiotics will keep your gut healthy and will boost your immune system. When I travel I also bring Oil of Oregano with me. If I feel a cold coming I use it. It shortens the duration of the cold.

When you travel make sure to bring a small first aid kit. When I was in Asia I walked into a pharmacy and had no clue what the products were because nothing was written in English. Also I packed a lot of healthy bars in my suitcase. Again, since we could not read labels, we had our own and we knew exactly what we were eating. And I know that you have been told to wash your hands before eating, it is still one of the best ways to prevent being sick anywhere. If you don't have access to water and soap, bring a hand sanitizer with you. When we got to The Great Wall of China, they had no soap in the restrooms and barely any toilet paper. I was glad that I had my hand sanitizer and my tissues with me. While on the subject of restrooms I am not crazy about the squat toilets in Asia. I am not looking forward to use them again on my next trip.

On a whole different subject did you know that November is World Diabetes Month? On my mom's side my grand-father had diabetes as well as my uncles and aunts. On my husband's side both of his parents have diabetes. Hopefully we will not get it, but we try to take precautions like exercising and also eating healthier.  I have a sweet tooth and a small piece of dark chocolate will help with my cravings. Other days when I crave sugar I make myself a quick frozen fruit yogurt in my blender. It's ready in 30 seconds and it's delicious. Yes I would love a big piece of chocolate cake but I am conscious that I have to take precautions because of my genes. I prefer to indulge only once in a while.