Chicken Waldorf Salad Recipe

chicken waldorf salad

What makes a delicious Chicken Waldorf Salad? A juicy, crisp and tangy apple. One of my favourite activities in the fall is to go apple picking. It brings back memories of my childhood. After school, I would find my mom in the kitchen trying different recipes with the apples we picked. It always smelled so good in the house. When we wanted a light lunch we would prepare a Waldorf salad. It was quick because all we had to do is dump all the ingredients in a big bowl and toss. I made my own version last week after I picked up the Red Prince Apples at the store.

If you have never heard of these apples before please read and then go grab a bag at the store because they won't last long. What is so unique about these apples is that they are only available for a limited time and locally available from winter through to summer.

Now you are probably wondering why they are only available now when the other apples are sold after they are harvested in the fall. That's the best kept secret! These Red Price apples are cellared in the fall and until the new year which gives them a deep, red colour. That's why these apples are high in antioxidants which protects your body's cells from damage. So if you eat a diet rich in antioxidants you will help lower the risk of diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Like they said: an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But in my case I have been eating more than one a day since last week. After my first bite in this sweet and juicy apple I wanted more. It reminds me of a Golden Delicious but I like it much more. As a matter of fact it is a cross between the Red Jonathan and the Golden Delicious.

After my first bite I was wondering how I could feature this apple in one of my dishes. Of course I could make an apple pie, a crumble pie, chicken salad sandwiches or these apple spiced muffins, but I wanted to eat this apple fresh. That's why I decided to recreate my mom's Chicken Waldorf Salad with this apple being the star of my plate. I whipped up a delicious vinaigrette with cider vinegar, honey, oil, garlic and dijon which compliments this salad perfectly. I have been eating this salad for a week now and I can feel the benefits of eating healthy.

These apples stay crisp and fresh when kept in the fridge. My apples are as fresh as when I bought them last week. And I love the fact that they are grown in Ontario.

As a mom I want to buy the healthiest and freshest food for my family. When I go grocery shopping I spend a lot of time in the produce section to pick the best fruits and vegetables. You should see me at the store, I touch and smell multiple before I decide which one to take. I am very picky and I am not the only one.


2 cups chicken, diced
2 Red Prince apples, sliced
8 cups lettuce, any
1 cup peas
4 Tbsp pumpkin seeds
4 Tbsp croutons
1/4 cup olive oil
2 tsp cider vinegar
1/2 tsp dijon
1/2 tsp raw honey
1 garlic, minced
1/8 tsp salt

1- In a jar mix all ingredients of the vinaigrette.
2- In a large bowl mix all ingredients of the salad. Add the vinaigrette and mix well. Serve.

Makes 4 salads.