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Are you dreaming of going somewhere warm this winter yet? When I plan a vacation, eating well is high on my list. What about exploring Puerto Vallarta this year and all it has to offer? They don't only have gorgeous beaches, their gastronomy will please all palates. When Puerto Vallarta's restaurants create dishes, they keep vegetarian and vegan in mind, most dishes can be modified to accommodate their guests. You'll find find in Vallarta a diverse group of restaurants who specialize in vegetarian dishes. Puerto Vallarta is a food lover's paradise!

Having a brother-in-law that is gluten-free I know how challenging it is for him to travel anywhere. You will be delighted to find out that Puerto Vallarta is a region where you can eat traditional Puerto Vallarta dishes like tacos, taquitos, quesadillas, chilaquiles made from corn-based gluten-free tortillas and fresh, whole ingredients. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Chefs from Mexico and around the world are inspired by the natural beauty of Puerto Vallarta and they create exciting amalgams of flavors that blend traditional Mexican ingredient with contemporary tastes from around the globe. During your vacation in Puerto Vallarta you will take pleasure in discovering the tastes of the city.

If you are planning to go in November you could attend the Puerto Vallarta's International Gourmet Festival. This year the festival celebrates its 20th edition and will be featuring the talent of over 30 world-renown Chefs representing National and European restaurants from all over the world to create delicacies to delight any palate!

During the festival there will be chef tastings, culinary safaris, sensorial tastings and themed nights offering distinct dishes from cities from around the world. It's a fabulous experience you would not want to miss. Since I love seafood I would be in heaven at the Fiesta del Mar. And I would not want to miss Gourmet Village for a unique experience.

During two week in May, you can attend Restaurant week in Puerto Vallarta and find pleasure in discovering the tastes of the city. The best restaurants in the area will offer incredible three course meals at a reduced prices. Imagine the gastronomic delights during these events! 

If you are not salivating yet, I am!

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