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Dark Chocolate Lentil Balls

It's sunny and so cold in Ottawa today. I don't feel like going to the grocery store but I have to because my son is coming to visit us this week. He is doing his Masters at Queen's University and next week is Reading Week. I can't wait to have all my children home. We will celebrate Valentine's Day and my husband's birthday this week. On family day I will make Ricardo's Chinese Fondue, it's so good. I might make my Best Meat Lasagna for Valentine's Day. For dessert I think everyone will enjoy a chocolate fondue. This time I will make it with Toblerone Swiss Milk chocolate. It's so easy to make, all you have to do is melt the chocolate with cream. We fight over bananas and strawberries when we have chocolate fondue.

Weekend Links:

1- I like this minimalist pantry a lot.

2- Read these 13 tips to organize your baking supplies.

3- I want to make this recipe: small batch granola.

4- I will be doing a Round Session at the BConnected Conference this year.  Buy your ticket now.

5- Make your own vegetable broth.

6- Read the review of UnDiet Cookbook by Try Small Things.

7- Make these Dark Chocolate Chips Lentil Balls. Watch my video on YouTube for the recipe. #LoveLentils

8- The Complete Menu for the Food Lover's Cleanse 2016.

9- Green Juice recipe to try.

10- Book that I will read this week: Flavor Flours by Alice Medrich


  1. Happy Family Valentine Birthday Weekend. I am interested in the Ricardo's Chinese Fondue I will take a look, thank you.

  2. Just going shopping and will get ingredients for lentils balls! Great video!

  3. Sounds like a lovely and delicious weekend you have planned with your family! And congrats on speaking at BConnected!

  4. Happy Valentine's Day! I would love to make small batch granola too! :) The Green Juice recipe sounds awesome.

  5. I still need to try these Dark Chocolate Chips Lentil Balls, they look so good!!

  6. These Dark Chocolate Chip Lentil Balls look yummy!

  7. Fondue with Toblerone chocolate, omg yes please!!! that would be so good!!

  8. The Lentil balls look great! I am just wondering if you have to cook the lentils before hand for a specific amount of time? Thankyou!

  9. The Ricardo's Chinese Fondue sounds so delicious. Happy February to you.

  10. So many great links to check out and your recipes are always so inspiring! I picked a great day to stop by :)

  11. I would love to try the green smoothie, a kick start to my day!!

  12. The Lentil balls look great! I am just wondering if you have to cook the lentils before hand for a specific amount of time? The Ricardo's Chinese Fondue sounds so delicious, I just made a tasty cheese fodue recipe which the whole family loved!


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