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Cobb Salad Ricardo

(Image Source: Ricardo Cuisine)

I'm watching what I eat and like to include salads in my diet. Some links of salads I would like to try:

I am looking at my pictures from my trip to Paris in 2014. Paris is the center of fashion, culture and gastronomy. When I travel I like to walk in big cities. I try to avoid the subway or talking taxis as much as I can. I enjoy strolling the streets and taking the time to enjoy what is around me. I take lot's of pictures during trips. One day I will be back to Paris. A week in not long enough to discover this city. Today I am dreaming of traveling to Europe again. I went to Paris with my son and we had an amazing time. These memories will last forever. 

Eiffel Tower

1- WhyGo Paris is a website with lot's a good information about Paris. The best section is What to Eat in Paris. The food is amazing. 

2- I would love to visit Amsterdam, not only to visit the Van Gogh Museum but also to take pictures of the canals, bikes and the cute narrow houses. The blog Ever in Transit has a post with 25 Things To Do in Amsterdam



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