Holiday Gift Guide 2016

I am sharing with you my Holiday Gift Guide 2016.


Oh She Glows Every Day

I have the first cookbook by Angela Liddon and just bought this one at Costco. All of the recipes that I have made in the first cookbook were delicious. I don't know a person that would not like to receive a cookbook from her, especially the new Oh She Glows Every Day.

Lemon is a cookbook written by Isabelle Lambert from Les Gourmandises d'Isa.  I have been following her blog for years and all of the recipes that I have tried from Isabelle have been a hit in my house. In this cookbook you'll have 100 delicious recipes using this fragrant and essential fruit. You will find recipes for appetizers, main courses, sides dishes as well as desserts and drinks.

Lemon Cookbook

Ricardo Slow Cooker Cookbook

I said it many times on this blog that I like Ricardo's recipes. I tried some of his slow cooker recipes and they were all delicious.  He is back with another slow cooker cookbook, Slower is Better: From a Taco Fiesta to Chocolate Pudding Cakes. This would be a perfect gift for a busy person, a student, a new mom and everybody on your list. 


Slow Cooker

I could not live without a slow cooker, I like them so much that I have two. This 8 Quart Slow Cooker from Hamilton Beach is a great size. And you should try my recipe for The Best Salted Caramel that I made in this slow cooker, here's the link.

KitchenAid Stant Mixer

If you know someone that loves to bake as much as I do, offer them this KitchenAid Stand Mixer.  During the holidays I make these Molasses Cookies in mine. They are delicious!

Toaster Oven

Do you have a student or someone living in a small appartement on your list? This Hamilton Beach Easy Reach Toaster Oven would be a great gift. It is a 6 slice toast capacity, it has two rack positions. You can cook pizzas, pies, chicken and more. 



I use a Microplane every day in my kitchen to grate lemon zest, ginger, garlic and more. I like this small kitchen tool so much that I bought 5 of them. 

Trudeau Pepper Mill
We like fresh pepper a lot and this Trudeau Salt and Pepper set is the one in my kitchen right now. I like the simple design. 


Holiday Box

Who does not like to receive a surprised package? Why not offer a Maillard Box to a gourmet friend or family member on your list. You have the choice between the Holiday Box, the Winter Comfort Box, the Game Night Box, the Prestige Gift Box, the BBQ Gift Box and more. The box will be delivered to their door. The products are prepared by artisan butchers, individually vacuum sealed and instantly frozen to maximize freshness. The beef is age for 21 to 45 days in order to create the most tender, tasty and juicy of meats.


I bought spices from the Silk Road Spice Merchant and was very satisfied by the quality of their products. They have different gift sets, on their website, like the Essential Thai Spice Set, the Baker's Delight Spice Set,  the Barbecue Season Spice Set, the Deluxe Silk Road Spice Set and more. It's a great gift for any foodies.

Subscriptions Boxes

Subscriptions boxes are fun to receive. In each Food Trip To... boxes the person will receive 6 products and 4 recipes to make a meal for 6 persons.  I bought one of their boxes, this year, and liked it a lot.

This is another subscription box that I have tried. It's the Little Life Box. Each month the person will receive 8-12 healthy products, it's a mix of snacks, beauty items, and more. Please visit their website to find out more about their subscription plans. 


I really like the teas from Amoda. Every month they find unique, delicious blend of teas. It's a very nice subscription box to offer to a tea drinker. 

Bakers Krate

I like to bake a lot but some people don't. I am sure that some of them would be delighted to receive a Bakers Krate subscription box. Each month they will receive 6 or more yummy treats.

Our family plays boardgames all year long and we are all very competitive. We have a nice collection. 

This is one of the most successful games of all time. You can buy expansion packs to play the game with more players. Players have to roll the dice to get resources to build settlements, cities and roads. It's a strategic game and you will have to interact with other players because, at one point, you will need to trade with them in order to advance in the game. The game can be played hundreds of different ways. You will never get bored playing The Settlers of Catan. It's a game to add to your collection.


You probably all have an old edition of the game Monopoly. This year you could offer a Special Edition of Monopoly to a board game lover. This one in the picture is the Monopoly 80th Anniversary Edition.  They also have Game of Thrones Collector's Edition, Marvel Avengers Edition Game, Word of Warcraft Collector's Edition, Lord of the Rings Collector's Edition and more. 


Skip-Bo is always fun to play. It's a sequencing card game. This is a good game to play with your kids. It's very easy to learn. It's a good game to bring on trips also.

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